manglus - pichiflautin

Pitchiflautin, AstelagĂĽel, Montevideo/URY


Dj Manglus(21/05/1989) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. At the age of 18 he adventured to live in Europe for a year, where he began to experience playing at afterpartys, until he got to night clubs in Dublin such as The Sin, Think Tank & Turks Head. After arriving home from a trip that opened him to the love of music, he started as the resident dj at La Penultima for a year and two years at El Pico in Montevideo and Punta del Diablo, sharing Dj booths with Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Carola, Franco Cinelli, Mike shanon and Barem. Then went on to play in Dama do ferro in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and Happy Sundays in Rosario, Argentina w Paco and Jorge Savoretti.

He spent 3 years chasing after the summer between South America and Europe, Playing at Paloma bar(Berlin,Al), Blu Fregene – la casseta – techsoundlove – Il nero di sole – gran torino (Italy), Industry – the studio afterpower (Ireland)Looking for the avant garde of music his dj style grew into strong basslines with south american hypnotic beats, rythms that keep the emphasis on the groove. He spent last summer as resident dj at Soho in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

His first ep with the label Raw trax(Italy) is coming soon with Ema Remedi from HOUSE YOU, a movement of friends that are united by the love of the music, they organize events in Uruguay bringing djs from all over the world. The next chapter is Manglus in OFF SONAR, barcelona, Dublin,Berlin,Rome and wheare the music take him.