• ‚It´s Ours‘ welcomes deep and jackin‘ to more techno or dub styles
  • Each event will be headlined by Ray Okpara and one or two rotating international DJs.
  • The remaining line-up for the night’s event will collectively be decided by Ray Okpara and the headliners (factor in availability and county)
  • All artists will be booked thru their own agency
  • ‚It’s Ours‘ guarantees good music, long playtimes, back2back sessions and an atmosphere to get ‚crazy‘ behind the DJ booth.


It was the late Charles Bukowski who once said, „Some people never go crazy“.
What truly horrible lives they must live.“

That said, the year 2014 is coming to a rapid end but DJ and producer, Ray Okpara plans to keep party-goers on their toes with new party series to be launched in early 2015, named after and inspired by Bukowski’s poetic piece, “It’s Ours”.

After the release of his 2013 album on Mobilee followed by the 2014 Back To Back release and tour, the quirky and fun loving Ray Okpara has woven in and out of the nightlife circuit creating a stress-free and vibrant platform for fans and party-goers to let loose and shake down. His dedication to making music has been at the utmost that he eventually moved back to Mannheim to produce while still keeping one foot in Berlin. However, even the most dedicated soundboard artisans need an occasional
time out to (as Bukowski so casually phrases it) „go crazy“. It’s Ray’s passion for the dancefloor that breeds a „leave your troubles at the door“ credo. When put into perspective, it’s ours: our music, our life and our time. Why not go crazy?

The music direction behind the series will welcome deep, jackin´ to more house,  techno or dub styles. In general just good music.